EUROINS INSURANCE GROUP (EIG) is the largest independent insurance group in the Central and Southeast Europe with active operations concentrated in Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Skopje having successfully been expanded into markets such as Spain, Italy and Ukraine. Moreover, the Company possesses a significant position in Serbia as well as in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland (through direct access based on the freedoms of the EU single market). EUROINS INSURANCE GROUP (EIG) is a member of EUROHOLD.

EUROINS has acquired German Talanx Group’s subsidiaries in Bulgaria and Ukraine, Dutch insurer Achmea’s insurance business in Bulgaria as well as Australian Group QBE’s operations in Romania and Bulgaria in the last two years.

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EUROINS INSURANCE GROUP (EIG) is a holding company incorporating EUROHOLD’S investments in the insurance sector in the Balkans. EIG is well capitalized, fulfilling the strict regulatory requirements, which allows the company to consistently grow and increase its market share. It consolidates the following five subsidiaries:

  • Euroins Bulgaria 77.22%
  • Euroins Romania 89.09%
  • Euroins Skopje 91.39%
  • Euroins Life 100%

EUROINS focuses on the provision of a complete range of insurance products that cover a wide spectrum of risks and ensure sophisticated insurance services to the clients.

EUROINS’s portfolio consists of more than 40 types of insurance products that cover 18 types of insurance from totally 18 allowed to the general insurance companies according to Annex 1, Section II from the Insurance Code. Some of the products are the following: Motor Insurance – Property Insurance – Crops and Livestock – Marine Insurance – Travel Insurance – Financial Risks, etc.

As a result of the efforts of a dedicated team of managers and staff that work in EUROINS since its establishment, the company managed to consolidate its position as one of the leading companies on the general insurance market in Bulgaria.

The company has developed its own sales network that is spread on the territory of the whole country with significant representation in the main regional and administrative centres. EUROINS has offices in 87 towns and works with more than 4000 employees, brokers and insurance agents.

In December of 2005, the Financial Supervision Commission entered the company into the Register of Public Companies. The trade with EUROINS’s shares at the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) officially started on 31 January 2006. The free float of the company exceeds 23%.

In 2014, EUROINS is nominated as “The most dynamic developing insurance company” for 2013 at the traditional awards “Best Insurer of the Year” organized by the VUZF University, Association of Bulgarian Insurers, Foundation “Prof. Dr. Veleslav Gavriiski” and the Bulgarian Association of Supplementary Pension Security.

EUROINS decides to penetrate the Greek Insurance Market through the Brokerage firm GLOBAL INSURANCE GROUP despite the economic crisis affecting severely the country.

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